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Kyle Nobess
Kyle Nobess on the red carpet


Kyle Nobess, was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he found his passion for acting at an early age. He landed his first major tv role on APTN’S hit show Cashing in and has gone on to have great success in acting with various projects. Kyle has appeared in numerous cameo roles, a recurring role in the new hit show The Pinkerstons and plays a leading character Thunder in APTN’S Mohawk Girls.

Kyle has also become a well- known TV personality. He co-hosted the 2014/15 Indspire Awards along side both Tina Keeper and Lorne Cardinal, which was televised live across Canada. He also co-hosted the 2015 / 16 Aboriginal Day Live show at the forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kyle has taken this knowledge film and live performance and has applied it to the new media platform as he and his brother have created a youtube channel which is now partnered with Much Music Digital Studios, located in Toronto Canada.

Kyle has always wanted to write his family’s story as a Feature film, and working with Rebecca Gibson on the web series WindCity, Kyle decided to approach her to work with him on the project. The story focuses on the true story of Ron and Jean Nobess and how they challenged the government and the laws on placing Autistic children in institutions, the result is Vulnerable Persons which is currently in pre production.

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